National Technical Committee


The members of this committee shall be the technical leads from FMOH, NACA, other Government Agencies and Ministries and other Partners/Stakeholders. The secretariat will be the National AIDS and STD Control Programme office. This committee will be chaired by the Director of Public Health, Federal Ministry of Health.

The National Technical Committee will be responsible for:

  • 1. Providing technical guidance to the Steering committee and other stakeholders
  • 2. Planning and coordination of the survey related activities
  • 3. Responsible for ensuring the implementation of the survey, including fieldwork, data management, and other related activities
  • 4. Provide technical guidance and support to the consultants/consulting firm working on the study including development of the survey protocol.
  • 5. Ensure adherence to the technical requirement of the protocol
  • 6. Ensure high data quality
  • 7. Ensure adherence to timeline